About Zaytoon

Zaytoon opened its doors in 2001 and we had a pretty unique mission in mind. To return the poor down-trodden and much maligned kebab back to the meal that it is across the middle east.

We knew we had a mountain to climb! After all, Dubliners had become accustomed to dodgy Kebabs served from dodgier vans and take-aways. We also wanted the wonderful kebab to stop being the exclusive food of the overly imbibed and take its rightful place as a hearty and delicious evening or even midday meal.

In other words we wanted Zaytoon to be a place where people go to any time, day or night, with a couple of friends or a whole group of you. And yes, we are here for you, when the Vodka shots munchies are calling; except now you can enjoy great food instead of poor imitations of Kebabs made from fatty, gristly (and who knows what else) meat.


To achieve our goals we created 5 promises:

  1. We only buy quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.
    The best Persian dishes need the best ingredients, so all our ingredients come from reputable, quality and wherever possible, local suppliers and we insist on the best for you. Even our saffron is imported from Iran to give that authentic colour and flavour.
  2. We serve the best cuts of prime meat – no fatty, gristly meat, guaranteed!
    The biggest problem or complaint most people have with Kebabs is the poor quality meat. You don’t want to know what’s in it – trust us! So at Zaytoon, our Kebabs are made using the best quality lamb and the same goes for any other meat dishes. All 100% prime meat. No gristle, fat, offal or anything else!
  3. Everything is hand-made in store, including our bread.
    We prepare everything by hand for you, following strict sanitary guidelines. And that includes our bread called Taftoon (Persian flatbread) that you all love so much. Yes, it takes just a little longer, but then the reward is in the freshness and flavour.
  4. We have no freezers so what you eat is fresh today!
    Not only do we hand prepare all the ingredients, but they are prepared on the day of consumption. You see, we don’t believe in freezers; they are terrible flavour sucking machines. So what you eat is absolutely freshly prepared on the same day – guaranteed.
  5. We serve our Kebabs open, so you can see and smell the freshness of our food.
    The traditional way to eat Kebabs is open. It’s also the best way to appreciate the quality and freshness of our ingredients. Yes, we do like to show-off just a little.

So armed with the 5 promises we set about changing things and so far it’s going pretty well. Lots of new faces and lots of compliments. Here’s just a small selection of the many compliments we receive every day:

This is where mammy Kebabs want their baby Kebabs to end up, the best kebab shop in Dublin. Simple as"

"Best Kebabs in Dublin, hands down

Simply put, I love Zaytoon. It's oft mentioned as a place for post-boozing food, but I would recommend it at any time of day. On my first visit, my brother and I split the platter for 2 and every bit of it was delicious and even too much food.

Best veggie Kebabs in Dublin, sober or not!

A place my cousin had been insisting for months I try was Zaytoon. According to him, to capture the true effect - the "zen", if you will, of dining at Zaytoon was to order the extraordinary doner kebab, sip a delicious hot cuppa, and in due course attain zen. This, I can attest, was achieved on Parliament Street... To say this was just any ordinary doner kebab would be an egregious oversight to the waitstaff that seemed to have made every effort to prepare an exceptionally delicious meal. I'm telling you, Dublin: if you're in Temple Bar after a few jars, Zaytoon is a must."

Perhaps the best Kebabs in Dublin? I certainly think so.

Awesome kebab house, who even bake their pitta bread in front of you. By far the tastiest kebab in Dublin. Try the Lamb Donner, you won't be disappointed.

So, come and pay us a visit. We’re on Camden Street and Parliament Street and hopefully we’ll be in even more places.