Zaytoon - Where Fast Food Meets Great Food!

Welcome to Zaytoon, the home of amazing Persian Cuisine. Our food might be fast, but we provide you, our hungry customers, with truly nutritious and quality meals.

You see, at Zaytoon, we do things differently because we believe that we can deliver quickly while ensuring that it is also nutritious and tasty.

So if you already love Persian food, you’ll love Zaytoon and if you’ve never liked the thought of a Kebab before, then think again. Once you’ve enjoyed a Zaytoon Kebab, you’ll love them as much as we do! See you soon.

Zaytoon promises:

  • We only buy quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.
  • We serve the best cuts of prime meat – no fatty, gristly meat, guaranteed!
  • Everything is hand-made in store, including our bread.
  • We have no freezers so what you eat is fresh today!
  • We serve our Kebabs open, so you can see and smell the freshness of our food.

Find out more about Zaytoon and our quality promises on our  About Us  page.